Friday, 9 December 2011

Activity: Compare Lengths

baiklah. mari kita cuba beberapa aktiviti untuk mengukur perbezaan panjang. 
Measure lengths in different ways.

How Will We Measure?

We will use these items to do the measurements:
Your hand
A small piece of string
Your steps

Gather Items to Measure

We want some things to measure! Gather up these items:
  • 2 Different sized books
  • pencil
  • plate
  • bag
Put them all on a Table, which you can also measure!
Also measure the height of a chair.
And the width and length of the Room you are in.

How To Measure

This book is 5 paperclips wide

If you don't have enough paperclips, then pick up
the ones you started with and use them again

Using Paperclips

For each item:
  • First guess how many Paperclips the length is
  • Then measure it using the Paperclips
Example: Book34
Small Book  
Large Book  
Chair (height)  
Table (width)  
Table (length)  

Using Your Hands:

First guess how many "hands" are needed, then do the actual measurement:
Small Book  
Large Book  
Chair (height)  
Table (width)  
Table (length)  

Using String:

First guess how many lengths of your string are needed, then do the actual measurement:
Chair (height)  
Table (width)  
Table (length)  
Room (width)  
Room (length)  

Using Your Steps:

Now step out these distances:
Chair (height)  
Table (width)  
Table (length)  
Room (width)  
Room (length)  

From Smallest to Largest

Lastly, list all the items you measured, from the smallest to largest distance.
Example: Spoon, Pencil, Fork, ...

Metric System of Measurement

The metric system is a system of measuring. It has three basic units:

m the meter for length
kg the kilogram for mass
s the second for time
With those three simple measurements
we can measure nearly everything in the world!


Meter (Metre in UK)

The length of this guitar
is about 1 meter:
1 meter
 When unfolded this ruler
measures 2 meters:


1 kilogram
This gold bar has a
mass of 1 kilogram.

A dictionary has a
mass of about 1 kilogram.


1 second is about as long as it takes to say "one thousand and one"

Larger or Smaller

But what if we want to talk about really big or really small things?
we learn about it in the next chapter.
see you guys :)



orange juice  mililiter/ liter

1 liter = 1,000 milliliter


*berat klip kertas diatas bersamaan dengan 100gram



* berat Kamus diatas bersamaan dengan 2 kilogram

1 kilogram = 1,000 gram



berat kereta diatas bersamaan dengan 3 tan.

1 tan = 1,000 kilogram

Activity: Counting Coins

Collecting and counting money!
Step 1: Collect all the coins in the house! (I am sure your family won't mind when you tell them it is so you can learn mathematics.)
Step 2: Sort them into groups (5c in one group, 10c in another, etc)
Step 3: Count how many in each group, then calculate the group value.
Example: You count your 5c coins, and find you have 15 of them.
15 x 5c = 75c
You can use this form:
CoinHow ManyValue
Total Value:
Step 4: Add up all the group totals so you know how much money you have!
Tell everyone what a good job you did ...
... and ask if you can keep the money!

Tip: If you make stacks of coins exactly 10 high it is easier to calculate the totals.

keajaiban Matematik

matematik itu menabjukkan.
jom lihat video dibawah!

sekian :)