Friday, 9 December 2011

Metric System of Measurement

The metric system is a system of measuring. It has three basic units:

m the meter for length
kg the kilogram for mass
s the second for time
With those three simple measurements
we can measure nearly everything in the world!


Meter (Metre in UK)

The length of this guitar
is about 1 meter:
1 meter
 When unfolded this ruler
measures 2 meters:


1 kilogram
This gold bar has a
mass of 1 kilogram.

A dictionary has a
mass of about 1 kilogram.


1 second is about as long as it takes to say "one thousand and one"

Larger or Smaller

But what if we want to talk about really big or really small things?
we learn about it in the next chapter.
see you guys :)

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